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  Moscow Circus of Yuri Nikulin , ICE SHOW le 12 janvier 2018 à 19h30, au Théâtre du Léman, Genève.


Today the staff of the Moscow Circus of Yuri Nikulin , carefully preserving the best traditions, relying on the experience of predecessors, continues to improve and enrich this wonderful art with new creative works.

Each performance invites you to its extraordinary, then fantastic, then extreme, then romantic world.

Here are three fairies of magic unreality, performing a number on high stilts - skates, immerse you in the atmosphere of three elements - fire, air and water.

"Russian stick" on the ice - charm and extreme at the same time!

For today, there is no such thing in any ice show of the world!

You will witness a romantic love story, shown by the language of ice choreography and aerial gymnastics.

Travel to Spain, France, America with the wonders of reincarnation and transformation right before your eyes is offered by the charming soloist of the next issue.

In the jubilant atmosphere of the holiday - carnival involve acrobats with ropes.

And also jugglers, acrobats on monocycles and funny clowns!

The collective consists of 25 artists. All of them are professional athletes and have great artistic experience.

The Moscow Circus on Ice under the direction of Natalia Abramova is a bright, dynamic and colorful spectacle. This is a unique combination of familiar circus genres, choreography and figure skating techniques, which gives the action additional dynamics.

Amazing ice - the circus show will give a lot of emotions not only to children, but also to adults.

Welcome to the Ice Fairy Tale!

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