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  • Disponible en :
  • Musique électronique
  • le samedi 27/10/2018 à 22h00
    St.-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
    9000 GENT BE
  • 22,75 €

Respect the old school


MARCELLO (100% Pure, Chemistry, Club It / NL)
INSIDER live (Tyrome, Two Pieces, Navigators)
FRANK DE WULF (B-sides, R&S records)
YVES DERUYTER (Cherry Moon, Globe)
QUINCY (Age of Love, Cherry Moon)
DJ GEORGE'S (La Bush, Lagoa)
PHI PHI (Boccaccio, Extreme)
TOM LECLERCQ (Extreme, Zillion)


Celebrate the old school, believe the hype! Vooruit’s Concert Hall will be transformed once again into a legendary nineties dance temple. Relive Belgium’s rich electronic history and the haydays of the club scene that go with it.

You’ll know Age Of Love probably as the celebrated retro event that counts numerous sold out editions, mobilizes massive dance crowds and became a cherished member of the Tomorrowland family, as it hosts his own stage since the very beginning.

It has to be said, nowadays it’s impossible to imagine today’s club scene without the presence of the retro genre. Just think about the enormous amount of retro stages dominating current summer festivals and the many (international) techno DJ’s who are not afraid to spice up their set with a couple of instant retro classics. As a result, and as one of the most important advocates for the genre, Age Of Love’s succes is skyerocketing.

Undoubtedly, as is always the case, Age Of Love will bring into focus impressive light-, sound- and decor constructions: you can expect outstanding lasershows, a wicked soundsystem, thrilling dance acts and heaps of other exciting surprises. All this will contribute to the feeling you’ll get that everything is coming back, the feeling of bygone times, an era where clubbing was a way of life. Party on!

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