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  • Musique classique
  • le mardi 11/07/2017 à 20h30
    Havenlaan 86C
  • 22,50 €

Kaoru Tashiro Pianist


Born in Tokyo, Japan. 

After graduating from Mannes College of Music in N.Y.C, and Brussels Conservatory, she has been based in Brussels and she has been performing in different cities in Europe and in Japan. 

Her large pianistic literature covers from classic to Russian repertoire, and to the latest contemporary works. Piano Etude No 7 by Kenji Sakai and Real x Fiction by Noriko Koide were dedicated to her.

Always in search of giving a new dimension to the art form, her recent performance project with video installation by Kurt D’Haeseleer, Piano Motion was subsidized by Ministère de la Communauté Française de Belgique.

In this performance with the installation of colossal flower sculptures by Ida Bla¸icko, she will take the audience to an imaginative sonority space. 

Ida Blazicko Sculptor \ Public Artist

Born in Zagreb, Croatia. 

She took a Ph.D. in Sculpture, University of Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, Croatia and Ph.D. in Art in Public Space, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China. Lives and works in Zagreb.

She has shown her works in more than thirty collective shows at home and abroad. The suffusion of her sculptural approach with the influences of Far Eastern aesthetic culture and the philosophy of Zen Buddhism is a unique phenomenon. Although they vary in their dimensions and choices of materials, her works are without exception based on biomimetic principles and the creation of a contemplative consonance with the surroundings. In public space, she produced sculptures of steel – Wind (Shanghai, 2011) and Wind II (Hangzhou, 2012).

She has won number of prizes, most importantly the Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (2007), the Prize of the China Academy of Art (2012) as well as first prize at the contemporary art festival in San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone – Premio in Sesto, 2016.

She is a member of the artists’ associations HDLU and HZSU.

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